I know.

The title is unsettling… shhh…

It should be.. but…

Let me explain…

Fuck ’em… who EXACTLY is “them”? Great question. Multi-faceted answer; one that I hope to properly navigate for you. Not too long to make you wanna scroll down to the TL;DR section (spoilers there ain’t one), but long enough to enunciate a fully articulated point… so, where was I?

Oh yeah, FUCK EM.. lol.. where do I start? Why not break down the cause of the ruckus in the first place? Okay, let’s think, think back, back to the place of new beginnings, the place where any and every thing was possible, before the stoic overcast of todays bleak outlook of crypto took over the landscape… what a time.

As an established businessman, who wears his name as a brand, a name badge forged with steel reinforced with titanium and coated in 24k GOLD I am no game-player, no penny-chaser nor dream waster… quite the opposite actually. I mean what I say, say what I mean.. when I clock in, job gets done or I DON’T clock out. period. If it’s to be, then it’s up to me.. and I LOVE MY ODDS. I bet on me because I’m all I got at the end of the day. 10 toes down, eyes forward, mental much too smooth to be shaken or rattled and far too brazen to tried or tested. I say that to say, when I put my name behind something, and plan to stand by it and see it through to the end. For better or for worse. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Let’s real it back in a bit, founders spend alot of blood sweat tears and ENERGY they already (probably) don’t have to try to build something bigger than themselves. The real founders out there understand the unforgiving path not-so-often-traveled that seems to intertwine with IRL in all the WRONG ways, rubbing against the grain every time you gain ground and you steadfast and pursue onward towards the lofty goal of success. You fight through the late night spaces/endless debates in the discords/rushing to pick up dinner for the kids after work/midnight spaces/business development and and and andandnand… giving you anxiety reading it huh? EXACTLY. It’s not easy. Not for everyone. Salute to those who do it well and never let the bad times overcome them.

So where does the FUCK EM come into play? Well.. most importantly, it comes into play as a reminder for my builders out there to block out the bullshit noise and keep to your true core values, keep chasing the light at the end of the tunnel, you’re not alone. Fuck the name callers, the case-less blind shitposters and FUD masters who actually have no intentions of actually fact checking or sourcing their claims, just looking for engagement. Fuck the cynical bunch that cares not to look into the project, only hear 10 seconds of a nervous pitch and throw them into the sunken place never to return. Fuck the people quick to take your money but slow to stand to your side. I could go on and on.. but the point is.. fuck em all.. they don’t matter kings and queens.

You hold tight to your GMs and GNs, your passionate few supporters that lighten your day, your discord VC chats that you lean on in times of need, you have a job to do, and that’s to finish whatever life-changing goal you set out to reach the day you decided to put on the cape, put that S on your chest, take charge and lead a community.

I believe in you. Your community believes in you. As long as YOU believe in you, then anyone that doesn’t apply? You guessed it…

Yours truly, Lightskin

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