The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.


Our project is 100% organic, no bots or paid promotions. Growth will be slow and steady.

The Emergence Scrolls

There will be a supply of 600 Scrolls. They are a way for us to thank our OGs and raise capital to build on the Roadmap pre-mint.
Each scroll will cost 0.3 SOL and guarantee you 1 free mint of a Suteki NFT, and 1 WL spot. This allows OGs to invest in the project a discounted rate. – 100% of Scrolls mint will go towards building on the Roadmap to build out Staking, Clothing, and further Website/Blog design.

Rewards /Staking

Creation of our custom utility coin “$USHI” which will be attainable through staking your Suteki.
We have 4 Buzoku (tribes): Igarashi, Genki, Kumazaki, Akamatsu.
Each tribe will have 1500 NFTs and they will compete against each other for rewards.
Additional staking multipliers will be available for scroll holders who upgrade their Suteki.
Rewards will vary from merch, $Sushi, WL spots and more.
Rewards will only be given to STAKED NFTS of the Buzoku.


Each clothing line made under the Suteki umbrella will be unique and be another way for creatives to express themselves.
We will be creating our own designs, packages, and manufactured clothing to ensure the highest quality.
We will be focusing on collaborations with our clothing, bring together artists, creators, and communities thru the creation of a brand.


We are excited to have an impact and presence in the metaverse but we also do not want that to be the only focus of the project. Our focus is on the community and success of Suteki. 


SUTEKI is a community project founded on a love of manga and anime. Being apart of the project also means being apart of the creation of manga and anime projects.
We will create a blog to highlight up and coming anime/manga creators. The community will use this blog to find and connect with artists, writers, and animators to publish both online and physical anime projects. The decision of which blog projects to publish will be made as a community, so everyone will be apart of creating the next great anime/manga!